Public Relations Committee

ALLA's Public Relations Committee "strives to make the public more conscious of the Alabama Library Association, Inc.; increase public awareness of the importance of libraries in general and of Alabama libraries in particular; increase public awareness of the contributions and activities of libraries in serving the people of Alabama to improve public opinion of libraries and the Association; and promote public interest in them by means of newspapers and other mass media, displays and exhibits, and personal contact. Each division is represented on the committee by the corresponding divisional committee chairman or an individual appointed by the divisional chairman." -- Alabama Library Association Handbook, 9.4.

Contact the Chair if you would like more information about or to help with the Public Relations Committee.


Sarah foster
Montgomery City-County Public Library
[email protected]

Committee Members

Stephanie Ard 
Sarah Cooper
Charlotte Ford
Neil Foulger
Laura Gentry
Amber Guy
Shelia Harris
Tiffanie Jeter
Erin Kinney
Rosanna McGinnis
Sara McGough
Rachel Mitchell
April Moon
Deni Owens 
Jeff Parsons 
Jodi Poe 
Samuel Rumore 
Grace Simms 
Kara Van Abel 
Melvia Walton