Paralibrarian Round Table (PART)

"Provides an arena within ALLA for addressing a wide variety of issues concerning library paraprofessionals, including but not limited to basic training programs, education and career development; fosters communication and networking among all personnel working in libraries; and is responsible for the timely dissemination of information to library paraprofessionals statewide. Membership is not restricted to paraprofessionals and is open to all members of the Association." -- Alabama Library Association Handbook, 15.1.8 Section e.

Dues are $3 per year per round table.

If you have any questions about the Paralibrarian Round Table, please contact the PART Moderator:

Veronica McCoo
Mobile Public Library
[email protected]

Bylaws and Handbook

  • The PART Bylaws are available in PDF and also as in the Appendix of the ALLA Handbook.
  • The PART Handbook is available in the Appendix of the ALLA Handbook