Membership Benefits

So, why should you join the Alabama Library Association? Your membership to the Association will entitle you to the following benefits:

  • Reduced registration for workshops and conferences
  • Networking with library personnel statewide, vendors, and elected officials
  • Notification of issues concerning libraries by receiving state and national news briefs, listserv discussions, and flyers promoting activities of interest
  • A designated contact person within the Association (regional Members-At-Large) so your voice is heard
  • Participation in the Association's Elections and events.
  • Discussions of issues of interest at meetings with nationally recognized speakers.
  • Access to newsletters, listservs and web pages for a wealth of information.
  • Opportunities to continuing education credits.

Other items of interest to our members are:

  • Awards
  • Employment
  • Grants and Loans
  • Listservs of Possible Interest
  • Journals of Possible Interest
  • Scholarship Fund. Inc.