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The Alabama Library Association (ALLA) is a non-profit corporation formed to encourage and promote the welfare of libraries and professional interests of librarians in the State of Alabama. The Mission of the Alabama Library Association is to provide leadership for the development, advocacy, and improvement of library and information services and to promote the profession of librarianship, in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all. Want to help the Alabama Library Association? Consider making a donation.

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2024 ALLA Annual Convention Logo: Find Yourself on the Shelf

2024 Annual Convention - "Find Yourself on the Shelf"
April 12-13, 2024, at the Homewood Public Library in Homewood (Birmingham)

The Tentative Schedule for the 2024 Convention is now available!

We look forward to seeing you in Homewood!



From the President

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Fellow Association Members,

First, it is a true and absolute honor for me to represent you as the President of the Alabama Library Association. I do not take this honor lightly. As I pondered what I would most like to accomplish during the brief tenure of my presidency, I thought to make my primary goal developing new partnerships for libraries across the state and encouraging new membership in ALLA. However, as a librarian who has worked primarily with children and teens, I know how the best laid plans oft go awry.

In the weeks since I was sworn in, public libraries have been experiencing an unprecedented level of targeted book challenges. Librarians are being harassed and targeted on social media. Defamatory and slanderous names are being launched at our colleagues across the state, and so we are refocusing and responding directly to those who would challenge the most basic of our Constitutional rights as Americans and Alabamians. We dare defend our rights and the rights of all members of our community to have access to the books and information they choose to read.

While at many times it may feel like you are alone, I want to assure you that we as an association stand with you, freedom-loving citizens of Alabama stand with you, and I, as the President of The Alabama Library Association stand with you. If you would like me to come to a board meeting, a city council meeting, a public forum, to speak about the freedom to read, or in support of your library, your staff, or even on your personal behalf, I will do my utmost to be there for you and for all libraries across our great state. If you need a friendly and sympathetic ear, then reach out to me. I will be there and do my best to provide you with the best resources for your situation.

As a public librarian with almost 20 years of service under my belt, I know the excellent work which you as librarians are doing every day. I know the wealth of services libraries and librarians provide to our communities. I know the hours you dedicate to providing information access for ALL our community members. I know what it is like to scour Kirkus and Publisher’s Weekly and Horn Book to ensure patrons have access to the latest bestsellers and the dedication it takes to build a wide-ranging and diverse collection of materials for our communities. I know how fun and informative programs, especially successful summer reading programs, can take months to plan and execute, and I know how often a member of our community just needs a friendly ear to share their latest news or a cool place where they can relax, read, and rejuvenate.

For those of you who have been publicly attacked and/or called juvenile names, I am terribly sorry. I expect better from our fellow citizens, but alas, these are polarized times in which the most service-minded of individuals in our community are being targeted. I know we as humans need to do better by one another.

And for all of you archivists, museum, academic, legal, corporate, and school librarians, I have not forgotten you; we have not forgotten you. You are essential to our great state and to our great association. We are made better by you, and we are with you as well. Let us know how we can best be of service to you.

Have courage, my friends. We have got this. You have got this.

Matt Layne
President, 2023-2024

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Your membership to the Association will entitle you to a number of benefits including reduced registration for workshops and conferences; networking with library personnel statewide, vendors, and elected officials; notification of issues concerning libraries by receiving state and national news briefs, listserv discussions, and flyers promoting activities of interest; and many more. See the complete list of benefits at our Membership Benefits page.

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