In the wake of the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, along with many others, known and unknown, the Alabama Library Association (ALLA) stands in solidarity with those peacefully protesting the systemic racism that has resulted in these and countless other tragedies resulting in needless loss of life. We express sorrow and support for all Americans who face racial inequality and discrimination, especially our Alabama librarians, library employees and patrons who encounter racism frequently.

Furthermore, we urge Alabama libraries to combat the issues of racism and injustice in our communities in the following ways: 1) continue providing equitable access of information to all people, regardless of race; 2) provide an inclusive, safe environment where communities can gather, discuss, and grow; 3) use available resources to help educate your community on matters that deal with race, racism, and the right for all individuals to have equal protection under the law. To assist Alabama libraries in meeting these goals, we have compiled a list of resources, but, as this is an ever-evolving issue, we eagerly accept any recommendations that might aid in this fight. We urge all Alabama librarians, library employees, patrons, and stakeholders to take a stand with us against racial prejudice in all its forms.


Alabama Library Association Executive Council