About ALLA

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Alabama Library Association is to provide leadership for the development, advocacy, and improvement of library and information services and to promote the profession of librarianship, in order to enhance learning and ensure access to information for all. 

The Association is made up of divisions, roundtables, and committees.

Our divisions are:

  • Children's and School Librarians (CSLD)
  • College, University and Special Libraries (CUS)
  • Public Library (PLD)

Our roundtables are:

  • MCRT
  • PART

Our committees include:

  • Association Awards
  • Author Awards
  • Bibliographic
  • Budget & Finance
  • Bylaws
  • Convention
  • Education
  • Emeritus Council
  • Employee Evaluation
  • Handbook
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Legislative Development
  • Membership
  • Nominating
  • Planning
  • Public Relations
  • Publications

Dues Structure

What to find out what our dues are? They are available on our Dues Structure page.


The ALLA Handbook is available in sections on the Handbook page.



The Bylaws for ALLA are available in Rich Text or PDF.
The Byalws can also be found in Appendix B of the ALLA Handbook.


Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation for ALLA are available in Rich Text or PDF.
The Articles of Incorporation can also be found in Appendix A of the ALLA Handbook.


Tips/Help Documents

  • How to Navigate the Handook: Word or PDF
  • How to Submit Reimbursement Requests: Word or PDF
  • 2010-2011 Association Survey Results
    • In 2010-2011, the Association requested feedback from our members. The results of that survey are available. Take a look at what you, our members, said about the Association! And, thank you for taking the time to complete the survey. It will help us improve the Association!